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  Vince Danks was born in 1961 in Nakuru, Kenya and has always been annoyed at having been brought back to England when he was eighteen months old as it’s a lot colder in England and he doesn’t like the cold.

However, having then been brought north to York when he was twelve (where it was even colder) things at least looked pretty and the gothic surroundings have clearly had an untoward influence on him.

His early artistic career began when he was commissioned to draw Doctor Who comics for the Marvel Comics Group. Further commissioned comic strip and illustration work culminated in the creation of his own comic, Sapphire, and the co-creation of Harker and Gravestown with writer Roger Gibson. A three book publishing deal with Titan Books saw the release of Harker: The Book of Solomon in August 2012 and Harker: The Black Hound is due for release in 2014.

He is currently working on Gravestown for Titan Comics which will be released as part of their new comics line early in 2014. Once this is complete a short nervous breakdown will be followed by the commencement of Harker book 3.

The original art on this site is primarily pencil work from Harker books 1 and 2 with Gravestown art to be made available one the comics are published. There is also some from older projects and and also some commissioned pages of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated (especially if it's nice) and purchases are even more appreciated.
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